Getting Ready for the First Super Moon of 2020! Full Moon in Virgo March 9th!

March 9th, 2020 we will have the first of our year's three Super Moons! The March Full Moon is lovingly called The Worm Moon, a time of softening for Earth and all the tiny stirrings of rebirth that come with it. The March Full Moon is in Virgo, and that makes for some wonderful Spring Preparation Energy. It's a moon charged with purpose and we've got a few suggestions on how to harness all those Virgo Super Moon vibes!

Virgo Full Moon Intentions

Make Way For New Growth

Write down three negative habits or thought patterns you want to let go of. Think about instances where you've felt stuck or like you're holding yourself back. Write down three new positive traits you want to incorporate going forward.

Focus on your Sacral Chakra

Virgos get a reputation for being overly analytical and hyper focused on organization and details. But it's important to know your reasons Why. Why are you putting in so much work and effort? What brings you joy? It's easier to sustain your dedication when you understand your motivation.

If you're ready to explore those Super Moon energies? Come up to the shop and grab a Full Moon Kit. This kit contains one Green Candle and one White Candle, as well as a packet of mojo.

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