Full Moon in Virgo Tonight: Cleanse & Charge Your Crystals!

Virgo Moons are ideal for all things cleansing and organizing, and we think it's an ideal to cleanse and charge up those most hard-working of crystals: Selenite, Quartz and Tourmaline.

We rely on these crystals as tools for cleansing homes and cards, as well as guarding and protecting us from negative energies. I know I rely on Black Tourmaline quite a bit, palming it when I'm feeling overwhelmed and in need of grounding. It's time to treat these work-house stones to a little Moon Bath, and there's really no better Moon for that than a Virgo moon!

If you head up to the shop, you can grab a Full Moon Kit and incorporate that into your Cleansing Ritual. And here are some other ways to get your crystals cleansed and charged!

Find a window sill or safe, weather-proof space outdoors to charge your crystals. Don't fret if you can't see the Moon through any cloud cover. Lay the stones out and light a candle. You can incorporate smudging or palo santo sticks. Leave crystals out until you feel they've been cleansed and charged.

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