Finding Peace & Support During Difficult Seasons

If the spring forward, full-moon and Friday the 13th weren't enough energy to be sorting through, today we're all looking at a very different world than we were yesterday. With major school and daycare closures, sports and entertainment cancellations, and the emptying of's been an emotionally taxing 24 hours. It's clear now that this will affect all of us one way or another, whether that's from getting sick or having to adjust your entire budget & schedule to work within the new parameters of the quarantine. It can feel over-whelming to be faced with such an intense change in how our day to day lives will be. But it's more important than ever that we take the time to think and act from a place of reason and compassion. We may be faced with challenges, but we are not in this alone.

In the face of such uncertainty, we can take a lot of comfort in knowing that most of us just want to get through this as best we can and are here for each other. If you feel called to serve your community and neighbors, listen to your instincts. Be a light and a comfort to others. Lean into meditations and rituals that bring your comfort. Light candles and lift your people up. Support small businesses and displaced workers when possible. Everyone at Mama Tracy's is thinking of you and your family, and we're sending out healing and hopeful energies.

#comfort #hardtimes

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