Grounding Work During Moon in Scorpio

With current events being so fluid and changing, the Moon in Scorpio feels appropriate. And today in particular just seems like a time to focus on grounding. During uncertain circumstances, grounding work can be comforting and healing. It's essentially a focused awareness and attention to your basic needs. Are you safe? Are you secure? How are your foundations holding up? What resources and behaviors are you leaning on and into for support?

For some people, feeling their feet on the Earth can be grounding. Meditations. Breath work and physical activity. It's important to check in with your self.

For me, I lit an earthy Gabriel's Garden candle, sprinkled some mojo and asked my tarot deck what energy I need to focus on and integrate into my response to the current events. I pulled The Emperor, which I don't typically see pop up in readings of my own. As I worrier by nature, I see this card as a need to approach my worries and concerns with the logical, structured strength of The Emperor. Prioritize, sort out what I can and make educated decisions to the best of my ability.

Will you be doing any grounding work? Let us know in the comments!

- an earlier version of this post stated the moon was in Virgo, corrected to reflect the moon having been in scorpio!

#grounding #moon

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