The Growing Season: A Seed Starting Intention

With the arrival of April, now is a wonderful time to get your gardening started. With spring blooming and initiating Aries on deck, all things are possible now! Dream big, sketch out herb gardens, and set yourself up for success by getting your seedlings started. Here's a little seed starting intention we wanted to share with you!


What You'll Need


Dirt Pots

Water A white candle


You can also take out the Ace of Pentacles and the World card. Set them safely near the candle you light to encourage successful growing. Quartz points and moss agate can also be added for amplification.

Gather your seeds, dirt and water. If you have a white candle on hand, light and have an intention in your mind for the growing season ahead. Maybe you are hoping to finally get the hang of growing tomatoes. Perhaps you're growing food for you and your family. Think about prosperity and wellness. Set the candle nearby as you begin the work of starting your seeds.

"As I plant, water and grow these seeds - I am a witness to the miraculous potential of life."

As you plant the seeds, keep intentions of health and abundance in your heart and hands. When you're finished, welcome them into the world as they have their first exposures to earth and sun.

Watch over your plants as they grow, lighting the white candle every few days to shine out your intentions onto the seedlings.

#pentacles #growing #gardening

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