A Full Moon for Day Dreamers (The Full Flower Moon in Scorpio)

Tomorrow marks the Flower Moon! I loooove when the moon is in Scorpio, it's a time to explore all the mysterious shadows within ourselves, a time to practice unapologetic, uninhibited expression.

I've been feeling majorly uninspired lately, just bogged down with stress and anxiety, to the point where I'm not even really DAYDREAMING without restriction. I'll find my mind wandering into a silly daydream and I start pumping the breaks! It's hard enough getting out there and chasing after your challenges, but tackling your circumstances without the benefit of a safe place to retreat in your heart and mind? It's downright restrictive.

That's where our coming beautiful Full Flower Moon in Scorpio steps up. This moon is here to encourage us to blossom, to honor those undercurrents that keep our systems running, to acknowledge the sacred & unique things that we love about ourselves and others. I think exercising our freedom of thought and our mind & spirit's capacity for vision is ESSENTIAL to our survival. If you think I'm waxing a little sentimental about daydreams, it's because it's been a long time since I've let myself really go with the flow of anything. Maybe you're in a similar phase I'm in, and your life posture is one of resistance. Or maybe you just want to see what's waiting for you down in the shadows of your Self. Either way, I've created a small little intention, to manifest positive mental & internal growth through the beauty of visions & daydreams.

What You'll Need

Lepidolite and/or Periwinkle for under your pillow

A candle (or candle kit)

A sheet of paper

When the evening rises, light the candle. As you light it, be receptive to ideas and messages that you receive in your coming daydreams, dreams and visions.

Take out the sheet of paper and write a few key words down that you'd like to explore.


Be comfortable. Be quiet. Make your resting space appealing to you, and calm your body.

Put on music that inspires and activates your imagination.

Place lepidolite and/or periwinkle under your pillow and explore your heart & mind without worry.

#fullmoon #scorpio #intention

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