Cancer's Tarot Card: The Chariot

In our Hard Cards Series, we explore some of the most challenging cards in tarot. If you've ever found yourself mid-tarot spread staring at a card like 😳 then this is a series you'll want to follow. We'll be checking out both major & minor cards and hopefully we'll guide you in making some quality connections with their meanings. And today, since we're in Cancer season, we're tagging alongside The Chariot!

The Chariot, from the Universal Waite Deck

7 ♋ Associated with: Cancer, The Star

Common Attributes: Forward momentum, arrivals, travel, energy that needs to be channeled, potential for success

As with all the cards in our series yes, we could get into the textbook definitions. The broad concepts in The Chariot mean SOMEthing but in order for us to grow as readers, we've got to connect with that something. Our intention is to help you make meaningful connections with these energies, to grow as both a tarot reader and human being. So sit down on your own or with a few fellow tarot enthusiasts, your favorite crystals, a good cup of tea and allow the cards to speak to you.

Here are a few meditations for your Tarot Journal:

What does this card mean to you upon first glance? Write down a few keywords.

Pull The Chariot from all of your decks. Which image speaks to you most?

What excites and motivates you?

How differently would you approach a goal if you knew that you had everything you needed in order to succeed?

The times when find yourself in Neutral, are there any common elements of those environments?

Do you notice any trends in the things you tend to over-analyze?

Read on for my take on this card!

As a Cancer, I had a hard time understanding WHY The Chariot is associated with the Crabs. The Chariot always struck me as really BOLD energy. What's so compassionate and romantic and moody and maternal about a Chariot? I tended to pick up theatrical vibes, more along the Leo lines. This cocky guy riding up on his chariot ready to do and get whatever he wanted. Not exactly the Cancer stereotype. But with close inspection and meditations, I've developed a kinder view of this energy.

This Chariot is at rest. It's not barreling into a town. It's simply ready to go SOME where. It's ME that's putting all my VERY Cancerian & assumptive energy on top of that Chariot. So now I feel like I know why this card represents my sign. Give us a Chariot and we will over-analyze and read all kinds of stuff into it.

We'll see it for a bunch of things it probably isn't.

You say Chariot, I say show-boat.

But what if we just climbed aboard and figured out what The Chariot really was?

Where would we steer it?

What kind of amazing things would be in store?

The Chariot is here as a vessel for whatever we could imagine.

And if we just could get through our periods of indecision and assumptions? We'd be set.

Now when this card comes up in spreads, I see it for all the potential things it could mean for whoever it's turned up for. It's a Wild Card of sorts. A Get-Out-Of-That-Rut-Free Card. It can represent energy & life roads that feel closed off to people. Maybe your client is wrestling with a serious case of imposter syndrome. Maybe they're lacking confidence in their abilities or their environment is discouraging them. Well, The Chariot is here for the times when we're shutting more doors than opening them. We have so much potential. Things are never as set in stone as they seem. We can always readjust our compasses, refuel, ditch the clunker, upgrade to a couple of sphinxes and find our way forward.

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