Our trained team provides classes in many areas of spiritual growth.  Below you will see the most current classes available during the next month or so. Please know that we are always adding classes and that some classes only come around during certain times of the year.  We will gladly respond to any questions you have about the classes listed or a class you do not see but would like to learn more about, so don't hesitate to contact us for more info.  A big part of having a strong spiritual self is the continual learning of new methods and tools that help to strengthen your skill set.

Reiki Healing

Learn about how Reiki can help you to heal your mind body and soul.

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Drumming Circle


Come join us for another wonderful spiritual experience.

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Anna's Angel Class

​Meet this month's Archangel, share in group meditation, and make your own unique oracle card!

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Mediumship - Beginners Class

Normally Mondays - 7pm to 9pm

This class is designed for the beginner who wants to learn how to better communicate with spirit by learning the Fundamentals of Mediumship through the understanding of daily practices to refine their abilities.

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Table Tipping and Spoon Bending

October 30th from 7-9pm


Table tipping and spoon bending with the Browns. $20. Call up to the shop to reserve your spot.

Witchy World White Magic

Each month we have a gathering and we have a subject that we focus on, such as writing a spell, working with herbs, working with crystals, how to commune with nature for the good of all, karma and so much more.

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Yoga Nidra

Learn about the properties of crystals, types of grids, sacred geometry, construction of a grid and the cleansing techniques.

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