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Every mojo kit at Mama Tracy's is packed with powerful and potent energy. Whether you are in search of love, luck, security or financial gain we've got a mojo kit for you.  Mama Tracy, a well-known medium and psychic personally crafts and infuses each kit.  Come into our shop and check out the selection of mojo kits you are bound to find the kit that speaks to you. 

Mojo Kits

Getting Lucky Kit

This mojo will give you the edge up on finding luck in any area of your life.  Be it in love, general good luck, or your own version of a better day this will enhance your journey in accomplishing your goal.

Shave Your Legs (New Love) Kit

This mojo can be used to bring on new partnerships or love. Tell your client that if they are in a sticky relationship that they don’t know if they should be in then this may be the mojo for them. This will bring on that new relationship you should have no matter what or bring back the spark in the one you have creating a new beginning. Rub on the hands, wrist, carry on you, or throw a little across the porch but take it out with you.

Bringing Home The Bacon (Money) Kit

This mojo will help bring on new jobs, partnerships, bring clients in the door or help line your pockets in general. Rub a little on your current money, sprinkle some in your wallet, place it outside your place of business, in your current job or on the new resumes or applications you send out.

Leprechaun Pot (Luck) Kit

This mojo is used to bring luck into new or old situations, it can help with lotto, financial situations, legal cases or just needing plain old luck.

2 Cans And A String (Spirit Guide) Kit

This mojo is placed under the pillow or kept on your person to help you connect with spirit guides, ancestors and passed loved ones or spirits. You can receive warnings or messages.

Cheaper Than A Taser (Protection) Kit

This powder is used for protection, sprinkled around the house or car or kept on you. This protects you against negative energy, influences, on trips against legal cases and so forth.

Less Than  A Flu Shot (Health) Kit

This powder is used for health,  keep under a pillow or on or near the individual person to promote better, or good health.  Also great for insomniacs and allergies.

Knocking Walls (Sex) Kit

This mojo can be used to be sexual energy or passion to the relationship. If a relationship is lacking the sex or passion or it is a new relationship that needs a kick start. Tell your client to rub a little of this mojo on their hands and touch their spouse or significant other. It can be a touch on the shoulder or hand to get the energy going.

Shave Your Legs Twice (Existing Love) Kit

This mojo helps bring love, passion and sex back into a dull relationship. If the client is complaining about boredom or lack of romance this is the mojo for them. Tell them to rub it on their wrists, put in their pocket or touch a little and touch their partner.

Fattening the Pig (Money) Kit

This mojo will help bring on new jobs, partnerships, bring clients in the door or help line your pockets in general. Rub a little on your current money, sprinkle some in your wallet, place it outside your place of business, in your current job or on the new resumes or applications you send out.  Difference between this and Bacon mojo is the scent, fattening the pig has more of a cinnamon scent, bringing home the bacon is more of a vanilla scent.

Light As A Feather (Psychic Dreams) Kit

This mojo is placed under the pillow to help you have psychic or intuitive dreams. These can be warnings, messages, help from your past life, or future impression.

Bitch Be Gone (Banishing) Kit

This powder is used to be rid of exes, bad bosses, evil in laws or anyone who you need out of your life. Sprinkle this powder in a place that crosses their path and if this is not possible sprinkle it outside of your home and focus on who or what you want to be rid of. This is a banishing powder used to be rid yourself of any negative influence or energy, whether alive or spiritual.

Candle Kits

A Damn Good Year (New Beginnings and Energy, Black) Kit

This candle kit is used to create new year beginnings, new energies or positive beginnings. This is for a client who wants or needs several new beginnings at once, who is trying to accomplish a lot at once or just wants success for the rest of the year.

Smack That Ho (Ridding Yourself of Drama, Green) Kit

This candle kit is used to be rid of drama starters, liars and cheaters. This kit is for a client who has someone around them starting trouble, someone they suspect of lying or cheating. This kit will help the person get caught or they reap their own karma. The point is for the client not to get caught up in someone else’s trouble or karma.

Fog Lifter (Psychic Abilities, Purple) Kit

This kit is used to open the client up to their own gifts, psychic awareness or to help them understand or work with them better. This clears that psychic cloud or block that a client may be feeling.

Download Complete (Communication, White) Kit

This kit is used for communication. It help open communication between two individuals or it helps open communication between you and your guides, spirits, or helps you recognize signs or symbols from the universe.

Little Devil Syndrome (Decisions, Yellow) Kit

This kits helps you make decisions and stick with them. This kit is only used to bring on positivity not negativity. It is great for helping you make tough decisions but bring on the best results possible.

Lick of Courage (Courage, Orange) Kit

This candle kit is used to give yourself a little extra courage. This is for a client who needs extra courage for themselves in order to make changes in their own lives. This is for someone who is lacking courage or confidence.

Boo Hoo Barbee (Anti-Anxiety, Pink) Kit

This kit is for anxiety, depression or personal cleansing. This will help a client let go of anxiety, negativity, ill, will or ill feelings.  This is also a spiritual cleansing for someone who is looking to be rid of any gritty feelings.

Rebel Spirit (House Blessing, Red) Kit

This kit comes in two parts. The bitch be gone helps be rid of the negative spirits or energy while the cheaper than the taser helps protect the home from being attacked again. This is a mini version of a house blessing with a big kick. Some don’t like sage or too much salt so this is a way to reach the same goal without using those types of tools. This kit can also be used if wanting to be rid of people or their energy.

High Speed Low Down (Creativity, Blue) Kit

This kit helps promote creativity in any form or fashion whether it’s for artwork, writing, for work projects, or any area that you need a creative boost.

Cash Flow (Money Draw, Green) Kit

This kit helps bring on the money by increasing your cash flow. It can be mixed with our bringing home the bacon and our fattening the pig.

Worry Wiper (Peace, Stress Relief) Kit

This kit brings general and overall peace, whether for the body, mind or spirit, it helps do the trick. The worry doll is meant to be placed under a pillow with a list of your worries. The combination will help relieve stress and accomplish abolishing those worries.

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